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Our Program

In the momentous early years of life, children flourish when they experience a combination of nurturing, attentive care and age-appropriate learning.

Nurturing Care

Strong ties and good communication help Ready, Set, Grow's caring, dedicated teachers understand and respond to the unique needs of each individual child and family.

Children and their primary caregivers form a healthy, mutually trusting relationship. Caregivers work as a team with families, communicating regularly to establish continuity between the child's experiences at home and at Center. This trust and continuity help young children to develop a sense of security that their needs will be met.

At Ready, Set, Grow, we pride ourselves on our nurturing, caring staff. Here, there is always a cuddle or a smile of encouragement to be found even when the sun isn't shining that day!

Age-appropriate Learning

Ready, Set, Grow is the only program of its kind in the Corning area that is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The accreditation is a seal of approval that Ready, Set, Grow far exceeds standards in categories such as health and safety, the physical learning environment, curriculum, daily activities, teacher qualifications, and the quality of relationships and interactions between children and adults.

In Ready, Set, Grow classrooms, nurturing and professionally trained early childhood specialists lead activities all day, from drop-off to pick-up. Unlike other child care centers, we employ two full-time lead teachers per classroom with one support teacher assisting throughout the day.

At Ready, Set, Grow, children are learning throughout the day as they play and explore their world. Daily activities - including both structured and self-directed play - foster a child's natural progress in key developmental areas.

Because of our NAEYC accreditation and our unique two-lead staffing approach, Ready, Set, Grow can say with confidence that families are giving their children the very best in early childhood programming when they choose our center.