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1971-88 Privately owned day care, ABC All Day Nursery, operating at Christ Episcopal Church.
1988 Christ Church voted to acquire ABC Nursery and transform it into a non-profit, tax-exempt board run corporation.
1989 The Christ Church Daycare, Inc. incorporated (d.b.a. Child Care Center at Christ Church).
1990 Licensed by New York State Office of Children and Family Services.
First Corning, Inc. grant received ($4,800).
1991-93 An After Kindergarten Program ran at First Baptist Church location
1991 The United Way began funding the scholarship program for families in need of financial assistance.
1993 Infant Center at First Baptist Church was established as the first infant care facility in the area, serving 8 children.
1996 Child Care Center was the first center in the area to become accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
1997 Child Care Center participated in a collaborative proposal with Pathways and the Nonnie Parent Resource Center to open and run the Erwin Child and Family Center (ECFC).
1998 Erwin Child and Family Center (ECFC) opened.
2000 Complete renovation of child care spaces at Christ Episcopal Church location.
2001 New playground built for the toddler and preschool program.
2002 Pathways, Inc. assumes full responsibility for ECFC operations.
2007 Renovation of Children’s Library and Music Room and Staff Lounge spaces completed.
2008 Accreditation obtained under NAEYC revised system.
2011 Celebrated 40 years of Child Care; conducted strategic planning process
2012 Initiated brand transformation process
2013 Began doing business as Ready, Set, Grow Child Care Center