Board of Directors.

Ready, Set, Grow Child Care Center is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The directors are volunteers that have been selected to represent our sponsor, Corning Incorporated and the diverse community we serve. These individuals give of their time, energy and resources to provide thoughtful and responsible oversight to the organization. Their commitment to quality care and learning is reflected in the decisions made to continually improve and enhance the Center management and fiscal oversight.

The full board and executive committee meet monthly to coordinate the efforts of the other committees that are focused on fund development, strategic planning, finance, human resources, communications and facilities.


Colleen Coro


Vice President
Cybertech Automation - Senior Control Engineer

Sandy Nevius


Retired Preschool Teacher/Director

Douglas Rowland

open seat



Colleen Coro


Non-voting Member
Ready, Set, Grow

At-Large Members.

Colleen Coro

Victoria Ehlan

Community Representative

Sandy Nevius

Jennifer Jones

Senior Event Specialist - Corning Incorporated

Douglas Rowland

Julie Matusik

Senior Manager - National Family Support Network

Colleen Coro


Claims Specialist - Social Security Administration

Sandy Nevius

Reverend Troy Preston

Priest, Christ Episcopal Church

Douglas Rowland

open seat

Open Seat

Want to Become a Board Member?

The Board acts as the governing body to ensure the organization is managed effectively and financially sound.


Responsible for working in partnership with the Executive Director to review and approve the annual budget with full understanding of its content. Regularly review income and expenses. Ensure the organization has adequate insurance. Coordinate, oversee and evaluate the process of the annual independent audit.


Responsible for hiring, supporting and evaluating the Executive Director. Annually review job description, identify performance goals, discuss professional development opportunities, and review and discuss compensation. Responsible for the overall financial resources of the organization.

Fund Raising/Development

The Board will annually review the organization's resources, identify gaps in funding, and build a Fund Development Plan to address its most critical needs. Though the Board may assign certain activities to the Center's Fundraising Committee, the Board will ultimately maintain the responsibility of meeting the organization's fund development goals.


Responsible for maintaining the organization's identity by supporting the organization's mission, collaboratively plan and execute sound decisions in alignment with the organization's vision and values, and take part in annual planning sessions.

What We're Looking For...

01. Regularly attend board meetings and special meetings as required.

02. Take an active role in meetings by reviewing the materials and respectfully participates in consensus decision-making.

03. Volunteer for and accept assignments related to board and committee work. Complete work in a timely manner.

04. Willingness to commit time to participate on at least one board committee.

05. Demonstrate a personal code of ethics and sound judgment.

06. Participate in fund raising activities.

07. Contribute a special skill or talent to the work of the board; i.e., parent or alumni parent (client) perspective, community member, education, finance, human resources, law, business/economic development, community development, health care, public service, etc.

08. Make a personal financial commitment. One hundred percent of the board needs to financially support the organization. Personal contributions should be made at a level that individual board members can afford.

09. Missing 3 consecutive board meetings may result in removal from the board.